Dear Tournament Participants,
On behalf of the tournament committee, we like to thank you for attending the 2017 Phoenix Cup.
As a growing 4th year event, we are appreciative of the support from participating clubs who understand our vision in creating the ultimate showcase experience for your team(s).  We are pleased to announce a staggering 310+ teams applied to the event with 220+ competitive teams accepted.  The support from the city of Phoenix and the Reach 11 Sports Complex has been truly amazing.
We would like to give special thanks the committee, staff, volunteers, Arizona Soccer Club, and Arizona Youth Soccer Association; city and facility officials who assisted in arranging logistics to ensure the tournament was a great success.

Lastly, we want to offer a special thank you to all of the club coaches and parents who are doing so much to give their children the opportunity to travel to and attend the Phoenix Cup. And we thank you for sharing your experience through the many captured moments.

The 2017 Phoenix CUP Showcase Results